Monday, July 30, 2007

May? No! June? No! July? You just made it!!!!

Time flys! I knew I was ignoring my blog. But wow! Where did the summer go?
Actually I do know where it went. When school finished the first week of June I knew I had 4 weeks to get a whole summer in to. We did a pretty good job of squeezing 10 weeks of fun into 4. We made a family reunion in June. 3 days of camping there. Sent Wild Bill home with his Aunt and Uncle for 10 days to visit Hubby's side of the family. That was fun for the kid. His Aunt and Uncle gave him the keys to the riding lawn mower and set him loose on the farm. They were ready to get rid of him after 7 days as he had locked both out of the house just for kicks. Hummmm I didn't warn them how he got his kicks, do you suppose that was wrong of me? Hello!? Where do you think he aquired the prankster side from? He's becoming my best student yet. Ha!

Son number 2 and I drove back Home (It always will be home to me), picked up the brat and continued on to my sisters. It is not far from the in-laws, but far enough to seem like forever. I had wanted to get to my sister's the day before as she had 19 puppies in the kennels and they were to start leaaving that day. By the time we got there We could only be loved on by 7. Oh well Seven puppies with puppy breath would have to do. When we arrived there was a couple looking at a puppy. Seems that one of the already solds had fell through. As luck would have it, the couple looking even decided to wait a while longer to get a new puppy. They had just lost their dog 2 weeks before and it was too soon for the husband.

The luck part of it was on my side. One unclaimed puppy. A male. Yellow, and it was Elle's. Turns out this puppy kept dropping back in my sisters hands. She had a list of people wanting pups, and this little guy was going to become a hot item if I didn't speak up now.
When she sent me the pics of Elle's and Berber's litters I emailed back I wanted one just like Hank, who is Elle's brother. She thought I was teasing. I figured she would have puppies running out of her ears and surely there would be plenty to choose from. Ha Ha on me. She still has a list a mile long waiting on pups from her girls. I knew her dogs were sweethearts, I just didn't know how many other people knew this. Only 4 of the puppies remain local enough for her to see, and mine of course. One went to the Dakota's, A couple who had camped by a couple who has one of Elle's first litter. Perhaps one day in our camping excursions we may run across Sonny's litter mate.

That's him and his new buddy, Spike. This was taken as we were camping the weekend we came home with Sonny.

Monday, April 2, 2007

My latest scientific test.

Sounds scary if you knew me. It's not going to be anything dangerous. I promise. I have some tea and coffee stained dishcloths. A couple are new and haven't even seen the dishes and they found a coffee spill. Thank You Target.

Who me? I was sleeping right here on the back of the couch. As always.

Wasn't me!! Claims Teddy Bear. He was busy washing his belly, and looking for a dog to blame it on.

So what I've decided to do is soak them in a warm water bath with Oxyclean in it. In the past I've immediatly got the wet stain in water and washed it out. letting it lay and dry. These cloths have been washed and dryed a few times, so if it comes out great. If not I have dingy dishrags to wipe up coffee spills and I need to make sure and save a few back for show. I really loved the red and yellow one and when hubby poured yesterdays coffee on it and then left it to soak.....Well there just wasn't any way to save it. It's made with Lion Brand cotton and it has stood up very well without looseing its color. We will see what happens with the Oxyclean. I've been very careful about using any bleach in any form to try and keep them colorfast.

I'll have to post the results tomorrow with comparing pics so we can see the difference.
Now I need to get at Sue's birthday cloth before she comes home from work.


So what have I been so Busy with.

I have been knitting a lot of different things. JoJo's shrug has turned into shrugs. One is simple, made with bulky yarn the other is going to take me some time. I have to frog it too. All the way back. ARRRGGGGG. This one in blue was progressing fast and I thought good I'll have it done tonight and she can wear it to school this week. NOT!!! I didn't figure right on the added stitches for the arm and now it's way to big. So into the pond we go and frog that back to the wrist again, wish there was a way to just take 12 stitches off the side and skip the frogging. Oh no that would be too easy. Boy I hope she knows how much I adore her sweet smiling face. That was said through gritted teeth. (smile).

Then there is this never ending baby blanket. It's a simple mindless pattern but I always seem to pick it up when I am looking for something mindless and it shows. The next time I pick it up I have to frog it because I goofed something. I got it with an auction off of ebay. It came with some books and yarn and a knitting stand. Since I knew the pattern I thought great a blanket about 1/3 done would be easy to finish. Now I have been working on it 3 months and I've yet to get through the skeins(dbl yrn.) that were started when I got it. With that kind of luck I should probably frog it and do something else with the yarn. Ahhh but I love a challenge!! We'll see if I can get a new pair of skeins going soon.


Where have I been!!!

Wow time has flown. I didn't realize it has been that long since I took time to get on here.

Just a normal busy life and not feeling the greatest has really set me back. The weather is just beautiful today and although I'd love to be outside I just have to finish a couple things before 3pm.

One being the Birthday cloth for my friend Sue. I started it last night late since I couldn't sleep and I have frogged it twice because of mistakes in the pattern. ARRRRRRGGG. Now that the 8th line is straight, and yes I tryed to just tink the line back to the 5 stitches that were wrong, but things just got loose and tacky looking. So I frogged a half done cloth back to row 7 and redid the booboo. While I was at it I tweeked it to look more even spaced too. I'll have to drop an email to the original writer of the pattern so she can correct it.
Oh and Happy Birthday Sue!!!


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Lucy Von Dracula

Finally got the camera and snuck up on Lucy while she was eating. She has a strange habit of hanging upside down to eat. Now she was born and raised in captivity so I can't explain it away with the "wild instinct" of hanging to eat fruit and seeds. I think she's just a bit quirky that's all.

And heres a current pic of the two older babies. The oldest is such a georgeous yellow. Hope it stays that way. The middle oldest is showing a bit of green so I believe it will be like Gooseberry. They don't look so much like teryldactyls anymore.


Friday, February 16, 2007

The chicks progress

Big Brothers are great to sleep with. So soft and warm.

Don't be fooled by those yellow feathers. We thought The Goose was going to be yellow. The oldest does have white flight feathers coming in. So he may be yellow. The middle chick has dark flights and tail, so he is feathering like Goose.
All by himself so you can see how small he is and how quick they grow. only 4 days between him and the middle one. 9 days between him and the oldest.


Monday, February 12, 2007

He's Back

I knew the Goose couldn't stay gone too long. Right after posting the last about him and the new baby, Bananas started calling. The Goose answered and Target the one eyed cat pinpointed him. He was under the china cabinet. Don't know how, why or the gory details, but he flitted out, flew to a fan blade and took a look around. Seeing it was safe to come home he headed for the cage. I opened the door and in he went. Everyone is happily setting on the post preening away. He only lost one feather that I found and that was from coming out from under the cabinet. Tight sqeeze you see.

Glad you are home Goose. I was missing your calls.


Even I don't believe this!

You have just got to see it to believe it.
That's right there is a new baby. UNBELIEVABLE. They were born on the 1st, the 5th and this last one I figure was born late Friday or early Saturday morning.
We had checked the babies and taken pictures Friday morning before school. So the new one had to have hatched after that. Since it is twice the size of the eggs and compared to other pics of daily growth, I figure it to be 48 hrs old. Since this was discovered and taken late last night, that makes the baby three days old now.
I am still amazed and shaking my head. I candled and figured 3 maybe 5. We had one that died while piping, so that leaves one more possible. I won't check until tomorrow but do I dare think that another may hatch? What about the other 4 eggs? Could I have been wrong about them too? Is Lucy playing games with me and only setting a few choice eggs at a time? If that is the case, She may have babies from a month old to days old in the nest at the same time.

With all this happening The Goose has turned up missing. We have looked and looked but not deeply into closets, drawers and such. Short of buying an endoscope we have no evidence of foul play. HaHa. I really think if someone decided to chomp on him we would have feather evidence somewhere. None. Nada. Nothing. Not a peep from the rest of the gang and no one is looking guilty when I ask who ate Gooseberry. Normally if any of them did something wrong I get the head hanging I'm guilty, sulking away. I get nothing from anyone. No one is pointing paws or even whiskers.

Well The Goose liked to fly so perhaps he has flown his feathery little butt into some trouble he couldn't get out of. I'll just keep an ear open for a day or two more before I really give up on him.


Saturday, February 10, 2007

No I do not have a lot of pink ~o~

I was staring at JoJo's name and thinking about her shrug. I've promised her a shrug for 3 months now. I have the yarn but cannot seem to find a pattern I like. I want more to the front of it than most flat patterns show and I don't want a balero. I want a collar on it. That's all. I would rather not have to piece work this and I really don't want to pick up stitches to do it.

??What do I want?? I don't know.

But while grabbing the yarn for it I was amazed at the amounts of pink I have. These are just what is in my current bags. When I dive into the stash it's hard telling how many pinks there are. I have purple too, just not quite as much.

Guess I have to admit.......I like Pink.~`~


Feb 10,2007

Here's the purse I have been working on for the girls. Using the dishcloth pattern from the KAL I added extra border and knit two cloths across for 2 repeats.
Bound off one cloth and extra border to make the flap for the top.

I run the pattern backwards to make the hearts set the right way and now I need to sew up the seams. Make an Icord, maybe 2. I'm not sure what I want to do the the flap yet.

A button? Hmmm no. I could do velcro or a zipper and just make the flap decor. It wouldn't take much to keep the flap in place. I made the purse with cotton and the flap long enough the weight keeps it in place.
I think I'll have to wait till it's sewn up and see what my brain comes up with. I'm liking the velcro keeping the top shut so valuable little girl things don't get lost. Barbie shoes and found change are valuable you know.


Feb 10,2007

This is what happens when all three of my boys are home, awake at the same time, and picking on each other.

They eventually cut him loose but not before torturing him a few more times. They discovered you can not tickle someone mercilessly while wrapped. Since that is no fun they had to let him go. Before he could retaliate the T.V. captured their attention. The Best of Soul Train was on. Trying to dance like those on TV became more interesting. Now they can't wait for someone to throw a Disco party. Roll eyes here.

Though I got rid of everything we had from the 70's, amid the giggles of my 10 yrs younger Sister in Law, I now wonder if I could have made a mint selling or renting it out for parties. Hind sight is 20/20 they say. The giggles from my SIL still echo in my ears. I think I made the right choice.


Feb 9,2007

The chicks are growing fast. Here's a pic from Friday morning.


Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Feb 1st KAL

This is the dishcloth for the 1st of Feb in my Knit-a-long. Most did them in pink and with a 4 stitch border. I started a varigated red and white with the 1 stitch border but frogged it because the hearts didn't show up. So I did my red in a 3 stitch border. I liked the one stitch, I will have to do some that way.I like it in red and I think I'll do a few in pink too. Though the pink ones will become a little purse for the neighbor girls. I have some lavender that would make a nice purse too. I'll post pictures of those later. I need to get out to the store and pick up some odds and ends for the fridge since it seems to be empty. Wonder where all that food I bought last Thursday went. Kind of like the Washer eating the socks, my fridge eats the food.


Feb 6,2007

Wow what a week. Cold, cold, cold and now it's snowing. Actually it warmed up a bit. It was too cold to snow. Looks like it's set in for the day. A nice light snow. One of those that sometimes you only get a dusting out of. This one looks like we will get an inch or two though. Of course it wouldn't bother Me or Mother Nature if it hung in there and gave us a nice insulation against the bitter cold. It would sure help the freezing pipes that Chicago has been handling. We haven't had any here cause mom has a secret way of handling that. I don't gripe about the faucets dripping. LOL.

Now for the feature of the week. Remember there were 9 eggs. Now we have 6. One baby did die while hatching. The egg was open and seemed to be stuck or it could be that it was just too weak to push on out. So again they had 3 hatch and this time kept 2 alive.
Bananas, there in yellow just loves when I open the nest box. He crowds over and gets a good look at the kids. He would sit and watch then for hours if I left it down and open. Lucy, there beside him, doesn't mind the attention either. She loves it open and trys to open the lid when it is hung up. Big brother Goose helps with keeping the little ones warm. He doesn't seem to mind sharing Mom and Dad. I have to be very attentive and quick when I open the door to the cage though, because he is a great excape artist and is very hard to get back in.
As you can see there are two babies this time. The larger one is 2 days older and a bit bigger, but surprizingly they double their size every day and soon we won't notice much difference.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Feb 1,2007

We have a new hatchling. Ya that's a lot of eggs there, but I candled them a week ago and I think there are only 3 to 5 that will produce. I was not expecting that peep peep peep this morning. I was getting Cody ready for school, working on spelling words and finding shoes, we both heard it at almost the same time. I turned to look at the cages and Cody squealed "A BABY". I quickly looked and sure enough there it was. I wanted to move things around, as it looked uncomfortable, but I left it alone. We were lucky enough to catch this one very soon after hatching. It was dry, but she had not removed the shell yet. So Cody did get to see the shell after hatching. Not much to see, but for the curious, it does have the skin like you see on boiled eggs. There is no fluid to see of any sort, since that is used up by the baby as nourishment.
This is so quick after Gooseberry's hatching, I am definatly pulling the nest box as soon as they can come out. I don't want her to kill herself laying eggs. Which she will do as part of nature. I would rather she spent some time growing to a ripe old age instead.

Mom is setting on the Bamboo Dad is in middle and Aunt Lacey on the right. Goose is under mom inside the bamboo you can just see his green tail if you look close. Seems he is rather camera shy.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Jan 29, 2007

I have been so busy working on hat's and dishcloths I've neglected to post anything for the past week. Shame on me. I promised myself I would at least post twice a week when I started the blog. So here's what I've been doing or I should say trying to do in between interruptions.

Of course I had other crafty or should I say 'mom' things to do too. I replaced a zipper in a neighbors coat. Done some pocket repair too, since I had the seams open to put the zipper in I reattached his pockets. It was a carhart jacket and the sides of the pockets on both sides was shredded because of shoving tools in. I made sure to add extra strength to it this time. Since I've not heard from him, I am guessing I must have done what he wanted.
I no more than got that jacket done than the oldest, Ben, came with his carhart jacket asking for me to replace the zipper on it. Sure mom can do that. Just run and get me a zipper and I'll hop right back on the sewing machine. Well it still doesn't have a zipper but that isn't his fault, nor mine. I ended up ordering it online. The jacket uses a 31 inch zipper and no one has one in store. Thank You Joann's online ordering. Of course that gave me a good excuse to grab a few other things too. Why waste free shipping. LOL.
I still have a pair of Andy's jeans on the shelf to sew up the crotch in since I supposedly didn't do it right the first time. Funny when I replaced that zipper and took in the waistband, moved belt loops and oh so carefully made sure every stitch looked just right so no one would notice, it lasted almost a year. Hummm I would be more inclined to think that someones wearing the pants low on the hips instead of my stitching caused the rupture of stitching.
One of these mornings I need to grab my needles and thread and set on his bed and repair some star applications on his quilt too. I made him a confederate flag quilt last year. I made it to last him a while. 108 x 98. It was an experience. He takes it with when he goes to Grammy's for deer season. They end up on the floor and she always shakes her head and asks why I made it sooooo big. He always answers "Because I'm a big boy Gramma." Hopefully his wife (the poor thing, whoever she may be) will enjoy a bit of redneck warmth.

The hats in the picture are for JoJo. She can choose between them. They both turned out very soft. The light pink is made with baby yarn and a skein of mohair, acrylic blend. Very soft to the touch and Oh so warm. The other had is a Lion Brand wool ease. I knitted it with a double thread of the yarn. Very thick and warm. The other pic of unfinished work is again the Lion Brand wool ease and another mohair blend. It will finish out as a headband type of ear muff for a friend. She complains I knit for all the kids up and down the neighbor hood and her ears are freezing off. Mumble mumble mumble she states, "you would think you would feel sorry for your best friend and make her something to keep her ears warm." I'll finish it today and get it too her when I pick up Cody at school.


Friday, January 19, 2007

January 19,2007

The Goose is a rooster. We are convinced without a doubt. His nose is turning a purple/blue. The body shape is more upright, trimming to the tail. He follows his dad around mimicking every move.
Just what I need two cocky roosters ruling the cages and the immediate area. No one gets away with anything inside or outside within their eyesight.

When the sun rises they do too. And they are quite happy to tell you about it too. It only bothers hubby and oldest son on the weekends. During the week my middle son sleeps late into the morning because he works a late shift. At least 3 times a week I will hear him grumbling at the birds about sleeping. I'm just glad he doesn't crow.
He enjoys the birds, but he misses his "Patchy". Patch was a Quaker parakeet. Talked up a storm, Sometimes to the rest of the world who never knew it. I would hear him chatting away and wondering who was talking, only to find Patch watching people going by out the window. He just had to put his 2 cents in. Sometimes all you heard was his swearing, in patchy language, thank goodness he had forgotten the bad words he was taught before he got him. We curbed his attitude by allowing him to mumble waa, waa, waa. Sometimes he would climb to your shoulder and psst psst psst in your ear telling you a secret about the person he was upset about.

I think Patchy would enjoy hanging out with Bananas and The Goose. I know we enjoyed having Patch around.


Monday, January 15, 2007

The Birds.

This is Gooseberrry. Our little baby a couple posts ago.
Isn't he handsome. I'm pretty sure at this point it is a male.
He has figured out how to fly and finds it quite fun. He and his dad will flit out and back, around the room a couple times. Hang out with the teils. Harass mom and aunt Lacy. Go adventuring to the ceiling fans, peek down the hall. Go everywhere but back in the cage. Goose spent the night out with the Teils last night as I just could not get hold of him safely to get him back to bed.

None the worse for the night away from momma Lucy, he seems quite independent this morning. Kind of like that teenager with the new drivers license. We might need to pull his spark plugs.

Here he is visiting the Teils.

The Teils. Gobbles (in back) and Ducky, aka Peanutbutt.

Peanut in a good mood.

Mom Lucy on post and Aunty Lacy on bamboo

Lucy and Bananas

A bird on his finger makes him a Happy Boy.

The Goose and Father Bananas
What handsome boys they are.
Oh I suppose you wonder why the strange names. Well when Lucy and Lacy came home, we thought that Lacy was a boy and we named her Dezi. Then her nose bridge color came in. So she became Lacy. Why not Ethel? Ask the 8 yr old. Any way we found 2 males, we were sure this time. Bananas was such a pretty pure yellow that he just became bananas due to his actions and color. His cage mate, Crazy Quilt was just that. He was a harlequin coloring, every shade of blue green and yellow you could think of. In his crazy antics we think he fell and broke his neck.

Now the reason we named The Goose, Gooseberry is because we wanted to stay with fruit names and Kiwi, Quince and others just didn't fit.

Someday I'll get pics of Lacy, aka Bat woman, and show how she gets around. She hangs upside down 90% of the time.

PS Lucy and Bananas have 3 eggs in the box now. They hatched 3 of the 4 eggs from The Gooses nesting. We had 3 live babies for 2 days. Not sure what happened there. Hopefully Dad and Mom are more experienced now and will do better this nesting.

Jan 15th,2007

Definately on the soap box this morning. Get a load of this newspaper article.

Now when is somebody going to step up and scream discrimination. Where are
all the immigrants from other countrys? Surely there are many out there. Oh that's right they .........I won't say it. I will not say it. I will not say it. I will not say it. I will not say it. I will not say it.

Well I just won't. It would be my luck that someone might actually be reading this. Developing Turettes...............Ffofffffffolllllloooooooow. They follow rules.

There I said it. Might as well say it all. So would we be able to go into Mexico and hand over our currency to buy things there? NO.

So now that some big Pizza company, who the paper keeps hidden. Ya like we don't know who it is. So how long till they decide that Illinois, California and the other states that have high populations will give in and accept pesos.
Let me state it perfectly clear.
I don't like Illinois Gov. BlowHardSonOfAB-itch. I don't care what political affiliation he is. He sides with the Hispanic in Chicago and that is where his voteing support comes from. The great Kids Health care system, the changes in the public school health requirements, All the free/pay clinics that are turning there backs on people who don't speak hispanic, because they are way overloaded with Hispanics with their pockets turned inside out, while Hubby, sits in the Escalade double parked outside. Oh sure she can show her hubbies paycheck but the last name doesn't match the kid or her. So stupidly our system says "Mama has no income" Papa doesn't pay child support. It's true, Mama didn't lie. He doesn't. He supports his family. Well even.

If you don't quite get it, here's a quick lesson. Papa marries Mama. She keeps her last name to carry on family pedigree. When babies are born they don't get Papa's last name, they get Paternal Grammies Last Name. Pedigree remember. Gramma kept the last name of her Gramma on her Papa's side. Confussed. Don't be It's simple. If they want to be A True American they will all have the same Last name. If they are cheating the system and want to get life for free you will notice no one in the house will have the same last name.

I have sat in Well Baby Clinics given by the county, in a few counties, in Illinois. I have always paid for the shots because I didn't have food stamps or welfare papers to show I should get them for free. Stupid me didn't think to borrow them from a neighbor like everyone else does.
Why did I do this? Because they system was put there to help ALL Illinoisians. Not just some. It was the system before This great Health system. You pay $5 a shot. They are given by nurses who know what they are doing. It was a great system. You got the same care and respect you would get at your Doctors office. You just went on Weds to the local School or Church on the 3rd week of the month. Or what ever date was set. You came first come first serve. Most Doctors recommended it to people who's insurance didn't pay for shots.
The first time my insurance payed for shots was when my older boys were in High School. They were so used to going to clinic they asked where we were going. They thought the Dr. office didn't give shots. LOL
Now that great clinic is turning people away because they can't serve all the people. They not only give shots they have to see people for other illnesses too.

I'm not saying the system is the wrong thing. It's just set up wrong? I don't know. I just see that it isn't working properly here where I am.
Guess they should accept pesos.


Monday, January 8, 2007

December 19, 2006

I just dropped off the edge of the world there for a few days I guess. That 13 days flew. The pic is of the sunset in Colorado looking at Mt. Princeton from our camping spot. Great vacation. Need to go back. SOON!
Well in the past week and a half quite a bit has happened and yet it seems to be nothing. I just wasn't feeling good. Didn't think much of it. No energy,

sleepy, sleepy, sleepy. Though it was my diabetes. Well that didn't help that I wasn't eating proper, but really I wasn't eating that wrong. Just not on schedule. Soooo to make a long story short. I woke up Friday with a scratchy throat. By the afternoon when I needed to pick up WildBill at school I was feeling pretty bad. By 10:00 that night I was ready to go to the hospital. Tonsillitis. That's what they picked to call it. Didn't test for strep. Why waste the time and money, you are getting an antibiotic strong enough to cover it, so lets get you home. Fine with me. Oh and here's a "narcotic" for the pain. Could I have a hammer instead?
I have had 'tonsillitis' since I could walk. Most times I get sick to my stomach, which clues me in to it before I get too bad. But this one hit me without any warnings. I had no runny nose, no cough, no fever, nothing. And if you looked in my throat you seen nothing. No swelling, no white spots, nothing. All the swelling was in the lymph nodes and the outside. I thought I had mumps and that was why I hurt so bad. I swelled so bad I couldn't swallow or move my jaws. Blessing for those of the household who pray for my silence.
Friday night at some point in my sleep of the wee morning hours I bit my tongue. Bad. That woke me up fast. I must grind my teeth in my sleep or something, I sure don't know why else I would chomp down that hard on my own tongue. My cheeks suffered an assault too. I felt better finally yesterday, but things are still sore to swallow and my throat has stopped bleeding at least. That was the weird thing. When I got up Saturday morning I wanted to look at my tongue and see the damage. Seeing dryed blood, I thought it was from the bite. Hardly. After drooling most of the mouth washing I did to better see the damage, I found my bite was tender but not the culprit and source of the blood. That was from my throat. Whether something had abscess and opened or not I don't know, but on Sunday if I talked more than grunts and through my teeth I would start it bleeding again. That was a good sympathy getter, but I don't recommend it. The kids would settle right down and be good. All I had to do was whisper 'my throat is bleeding from yelling at you.' or "you are going to make my throat bleed" "stop it"
Actually the two older boys were very quick to stop and ask if I needed anything every time they went by. And WildBill, who probably carried it home to me, they had strep in the classroom, was wise to keep his distance and he checked before eating or drinking anything. "Have you touched this?" "Did you breath on this?" Gee thanks. Treat me like the plague.
So I am on the mend and trying to catch up. For those who Knit or crochet this is how sick I was. I didn't touch yarn for almost 3 days. Not at all Friday and Saturday and not until around 9 Sunday night. Now that is sick! I spent days in the chair feet up and wrapped in a blanket with pillows to lean on. A perfect position to knit or crochet for hours with the excuse to stay there. Nope didn't even think about it. What a waste of time. I sure hope the cats don't get strep. They were not afraid of taking advantage of mom, a blanket, and some quality nap time. Even the dogs found a spot and TeddyBear let them stay.

I found my camera in my hubby's truck yesterday and I was able to get a pic of the baby keet. I refer to it/him/her as The Cricket. She is getting quite big and her little fuzzy feathers and starting to come in. I think it's a she because she is always peeping, and peeping. Gripes about food, moms not there, moms in the way. Who knows. I feel sorry for Bananas the dad, cause he is trying to nap at night, head all tucked and the Cricket starts. Peep, peep, peep, peep, PEEP. He goes to the hole. Discusses it with Lucy and either goes back to his perch or to the food bowl. I did notice Sunday night about 10 that Lucy came out and stayed out for quite a while. I think she is practicing that 'let them Peep themselves to sleep method.'
She definitely has been staying out more yesterday and this morning. So perhaps The Cricket has moved into a stage comparable to a 3 or 4 month old. Not needing constant care, and starting to sit up and roll over to get where it needs. LOL


December 06, 2006

Well Here I am. I don't feel different. Should I? Don't think so. I'm in a mellow mood. Not much to rant about today. Sick Kid driving me up the wall, but that's normal. Being sick just means he's a bit slower to wreck the living room.
Living room. Now who thought up that name. I live in all of my home. Family Room. That's even worse. A room for Family only? Now Den is a real room. That's where the old Bear goes to hibernate. You can tell he's hibernating by the rumble. I live in my house. I never want anyone to be afraid to come to my house and be themselves. Sit down, let your hair down, put your feet up and feel at home. If you want something the fridge is in the kitchen just like at home. Just offer to bring me one too. And for Goodness sakes treat your kids just like home. Don't go getting over NO, NO, NO, around me. If they do it at home, don't expect them to not do it here. If it is really against my wants I'll tell you. I like kids being kids, I'm a kid too. I refuse to be an adult unless it is absolutely neccessary.
If something breaks. Handle it. I am. Offer to pick it up, replace it and say sorry. I have kids too. Anything of great value is not out in my house. I'm in the real world. Never would I put a piece of material above my child, my friend or anyone or especially an animal. I was raised in a world that was extreme. Not my cup of Tea.
Besides you never know when a live moment may break out right there in front of you. We are a spontanious family. Friends tell me I should write a book. I would have to list it as a fiction, because no one would believe the stuff that happens around here.
You see I live with 4 males. My husband. My first born at 22. My second born of 19, and my opps and last ditch effort to get a girl the 8yr old. So when someone needs something they come to Me and ask where it is. The conversation goes like this. "Mom, where is my _____? "I have no idea, look for it." "I did." "Well where did you have it last?" "I didn't. I gave it to you." "?" Ok now is where we go though the moments of when the object was in his possession. Sure enough right where he left it. Or should I say "I" left it. Since I had it last.
3:00 pm. 22 yr old is home and raiding the fridge. Not much in there, but he found something. Poor baby works so hard all day long. He's a 4th yr plumbing apprentice. He actually has 5 yrs working but only 4 are counted since he had to wait a year to apply for union based school. He works for the same company as his Dad. That why its so hard. Has to keep up the image you know. The foremen will tell Dad if he slacks off. Then everyone hears about it. It's getting better though. Dad brags more often now than he complains.
So now my real day starts. The dog came out of hiding and a cat is looking for a lap. The sick one has homework to do just in case he's well enough to go to school tomorrow. He spent most of the day on the couch so I think that's a sign he's ready. Of course He'll surely relapse if I say homework.
Homework: Teachers way of punishing parents for having to put up with their kids all day.
Thank God my sons teacher has a sense of humor. When I said that out of anger one night, he made sure to tell her the next morning.
Until the next time.