Monday, April 2, 2007

So what have I been so Busy with.

I have been knitting a lot of different things. JoJo's shrug has turned into shrugs. One is simple, made with bulky yarn the other is going to take me some time. I have to frog it too. All the way back. ARRRGGGGG. This one in blue was progressing fast and I thought good I'll have it done tonight and she can wear it to school this week. NOT!!! I didn't figure right on the added stitches for the arm and now it's way to big. So into the pond we go and frog that back to the wrist again, wish there was a way to just take 12 stitches off the side and skip the frogging. Oh no that would be too easy. Boy I hope she knows how much I adore her sweet smiling face. That was said through gritted teeth. (smile).

Then there is this never ending baby blanket. It's a simple mindless pattern but I always seem to pick it up when I am looking for something mindless and it shows. The next time I pick it up I have to frog it because I goofed something. I got it with an auction off of ebay. It came with some books and yarn and a knitting stand. Since I knew the pattern I thought great a blanket about 1/3 done would be easy to finish. Now I have been working on it 3 months and I've yet to get through the skeins(dbl yrn.) that were started when I got it. With that kind of luck I should probably frog it and do something else with the yarn. Ahhh but I love a challenge!! We'll see if I can get a new pair of skeins going soon.


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