Saturday, February 10, 2007

No I do not have a lot of pink ~o~

I was staring at JoJo's name and thinking about her shrug. I've promised her a shrug for 3 months now. I have the yarn but cannot seem to find a pattern I like. I want more to the front of it than most flat patterns show and I don't want a balero. I want a collar on it. That's all. I would rather not have to piece work this and I really don't want to pick up stitches to do it.

??What do I want?? I don't know.

But while grabbing the yarn for it I was amazed at the amounts of pink I have. These are just what is in my current bags. When I dive into the stash it's hard telling how many pinks there are. I have purple too, just not quite as much.

Guess I have to admit.......I like Pink.~`~


Feb 10,2007

Here's the purse I have been working on for the girls. Using the dishcloth pattern from the KAL I added extra border and knit two cloths across for 2 repeats.
Bound off one cloth and extra border to make the flap for the top.

I run the pattern backwards to make the hearts set the right way and now I need to sew up the seams. Make an Icord, maybe 2. I'm not sure what I want to do the the flap yet.

A button? Hmmm no. I could do velcro or a zipper and just make the flap decor. It wouldn't take much to keep the flap in place. I made the purse with cotton and the flap long enough the weight keeps it in place.
I think I'll have to wait till it's sewn up and see what my brain comes up with. I'm liking the velcro keeping the top shut so valuable little girl things don't get lost. Barbie shoes and found change are valuable you know.


Feb 10,2007

This is what happens when all three of my boys are home, awake at the same time, and picking on each other.

They eventually cut him loose but not before torturing him a few more times. They discovered you can not tickle someone mercilessly while wrapped. Since that is no fun they had to let him go. Before he could retaliate the T.V. captured their attention. The Best of Soul Train was on. Trying to dance like those on TV became more interesting. Now they can't wait for someone to throw a Disco party. Roll eyes here.

Though I got rid of everything we had from the 70's, amid the giggles of my 10 yrs younger Sister in Law, I now wonder if I could have made a mint selling or renting it out for parties. Hind sight is 20/20 they say. The giggles from my SIL still echo in my ears. I think I made the right choice.


Feb 9,2007

The chicks are growing fast. Here's a pic from Friday morning.


Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Feb 1st KAL

This is the dishcloth for the 1st of Feb in my Knit-a-long. Most did them in pink and with a 4 stitch border. I started a varigated red and white with the 1 stitch border but frogged it because the hearts didn't show up. So I did my red in a 3 stitch border. I liked the one stitch, I will have to do some that way.I like it in red and I think I'll do a few in pink too. Though the pink ones will become a little purse for the neighbor girls. I have some lavender that would make a nice purse too. I'll post pictures of those later. I need to get out to the store and pick up some odds and ends for the fridge since it seems to be empty. Wonder where all that food I bought last Thursday went. Kind of like the Washer eating the socks, my fridge eats the food.


Feb 6,2007

Wow what a week. Cold, cold, cold and now it's snowing. Actually it warmed up a bit. It was too cold to snow. Looks like it's set in for the day. A nice light snow. One of those that sometimes you only get a dusting out of. This one looks like we will get an inch or two though. Of course it wouldn't bother Me or Mother Nature if it hung in there and gave us a nice insulation against the bitter cold. It would sure help the freezing pipes that Chicago has been handling. We haven't had any here cause mom has a secret way of handling that. I don't gripe about the faucets dripping. LOL.

Now for the feature of the week. Remember there were 9 eggs. Now we have 6. One baby did die while hatching. The egg was open and seemed to be stuck or it could be that it was just too weak to push on out. So again they had 3 hatch and this time kept 2 alive.
Bananas, there in yellow just loves when I open the nest box. He crowds over and gets a good look at the kids. He would sit and watch then for hours if I left it down and open. Lucy, there beside him, doesn't mind the attention either. She loves it open and trys to open the lid when it is hung up. Big brother Goose helps with keeping the little ones warm. He doesn't seem to mind sharing Mom and Dad. I have to be very attentive and quick when I open the door to the cage though, because he is a great excape artist and is very hard to get back in.
As you can see there are two babies this time. The larger one is 2 days older and a bit bigger, but surprizingly they double their size every day and soon we won't notice much difference.