Monday, April 2, 2007

My latest scientific test.

Sounds scary if you knew me. It's not going to be anything dangerous. I promise. I have some tea and coffee stained dishcloths. A couple are new and haven't even seen the dishes and they found a coffee spill. Thank You Target.

Who me? I was sleeping right here on the back of the couch. As always.

Wasn't me!! Claims Teddy Bear. He was busy washing his belly, and looking for a dog to blame it on.

So what I've decided to do is soak them in a warm water bath with Oxyclean in it. In the past I've immediatly got the wet stain in water and washed it out. letting it lay and dry. These cloths have been washed and dryed a few times, so if it comes out great. If not I have dingy dishrags to wipe up coffee spills and I need to make sure and save a few back for show. I really loved the red and yellow one and when hubby poured yesterdays coffee on it and then left it to soak.....Well there just wasn't any way to save it. It's made with Lion Brand cotton and it has stood up very well without looseing its color. We will see what happens with the Oxyclean. I've been very careful about using any bleach in any form to try and keep them colorfast.

I'll have to post the results tomorrow with comparing pics so we can see the difference.
Now I need to get at Sue's birthday cloth before she comes home from work.


So what have I been so Busy with.

I have been knitting a lot of different things. JoJo's shrug has turned into shrugs. One is simple, made with bulky yarn the other is going to take me some time. I have to frog it too. All the way back. ARRRGGGGG. This one in blue was progressing fast and I thought good I'll have it done tonight and she can wear it to school this week. NOT!!! I didn't figure right on the added stitches for the arm and now it's way to big. So into the pond we go and frog that back to the wrist again, wish there was a way to just take 12 stitches off the side and skip the frogging. Oh no that would be too easy. Boy I hope she knows how much I adore her sweet smiling face. That was said through gritted teeth. (smile).

Then there is this never ending baby blanket. It's a simple mindless pattern but I always seem to pick it up when I am looking for something mindless and it shows. The next time I pick it up I have to frog it because I goofed something. I got it with an auction off of ebay. It came with some books and yarn and a knitting stand. Since I knew the pattern I thought great a blanket about 1/3 done would be easy to finish. Now I have been working on it 3 months and I've yet to get through the skeins(dbl yrn.) that were started when I got it. With that kind of luck I should probably frog it and do something else with the yarn. Ahhh but I love a challenge!! We'll see if I can get a new pair of skeins going soon.


Where have I been!!!

Wow time has flown. I didn't realize it has been that long since I took time to get on here.

Just a normal busy life and not feeling the greatest has really set me back. The weather is just beautiful today and although I'd love to be outside I just have to finish a couple things before 3pm.

One being the Birthday cloth for my friend Sue. I started it last night late since I couldn't sleep and I have frogged it twice because of mistakes in the pattern. ARRRRRRGGG. Now that the 8th line is straight, and yes I tryed to just tink the line back to the 5 stitches that were wrong, but things just got loose and tacky looking. So I frogged a half done cloth back to row 7 and redid the booboo. While I was at it I tweeked it to look more even spaced too. I'll have to drop an email to the original writer of the pattern so she can correct it.
Oh and Happy Birthday Sue!!!