Monday, July 30, 2007

May? No! June? No! July? You just made it!!!!

Time flys! I knew I was ignoring my blog. But wow! Where did the summer go?
Actually I do know where it went. When school finished the first week of June I knew I had 4 weeks to get a whole summer in to. We did a pretty good job of squeezing 10 weeks of fun into 4. We made a family reunion in June. 3 days of camping there. Sent Wild Bill home with his Aunt and Uncle for 10 days to visit Hubby's side of the family. That was fun for the kid. His Aunt and Uncle gave him the keys to the riding lawn mower and set him loose on the farm. They were ready to get rid of him after 7 days as he had locked both out of the house just for kicks. Hummmm I didn't warn them how he got his kicks, do you suppose that was wrong of me? Hello!? Where do you think he aquired the prankster side from? He's becoming my best student yet. Ha!

Son number 2 and I drove back Home (It always will be home to me), picked up the brat and continued on to my sisters. It is not far from the in-laws, but far enough to seem like forever. I had wanted to get to my sister's the day before as she had 19 puppies in the kennels and they were to start leaaving that day. By the time we got there We could only be loved on by 7. Oh well Seven puppies with puppy breath would have to do. When we arrived there was a couple looking at a puppy. Seems that one of the already solds had fell through. As luck would have it, the couple looking even decided to wait a while longer to get a new puppy. They had just lost their dog 2 weeks before and it was too soon for the husband.

The luck part of it was on my side. One unclaimed puppy. A male. Yellow, and it was Elle's. Turns out this puppy kept dropping back in my sisters hands. She had a list of people wanting pups, and this little guy was going to become a hot item if I didn't speak up now.
When she sent me the pics of Elle's and Berber's litters I emailed back I wanted one just like Hank, who is Elle's brother. She thought I was teasing. I figured she would have puppies running out of her ears and surely there would be plenty to choose from. Ha Ha on me. She still has a list a mile long waiting on pups from her girls. I knew her dogs were sweethearts, I just didn't know how many other people knew this. Only 4 of the puppies remain local enough for her to see, and mine of course. One went to the Dakota's, A couple who had camped by a couple who has one of Elle's first litter. Perhaps one day in our camping excursions we may run across Sonny's litter mate.

That's him and his new buddy, Spike. This was taken as we were camping the weekend we came home with Sonny.