Thursday, February 1, 2007

Feb 1,2007

We have a new hatchling. Ya that's a lot of eggs there, but I candled them a week ago and I think there are only 3 to 5 that will produce. I was not expecting that peep peep peep this morning. I was getting Cody ready for school, working on spelling words and finding shoes, we both heard it at almost the same time. I turned to look at the cages and Cody squealed "A BABY". I quickly looked and sure enough there it was. I wanted to move things around, as it looked uncomfortable, but I left it alone. We were lucky enough to catch this one very soon after hatching. It was dry, but she had not removed the shell yet. So Cody did get to see the shell after hatching. Not much to see, but for the curious, it does have the skin like you see on boiled eggs. There is no fluid to see of any sort, since that is used up by the baby as nourishment.
This is so quick after Gooseberry's hatching, I am definatly pulling the nest box as soon as they can come out. I don't want her to kill herself laying eggs. Which she will do as part of nature. I would rather she spent some time growing to a ripe old age instead.

Mom is setting on the Bamboo Dad is in middle and Aunt Lacey on the right. Goose is under mom inside the bamboo you can just see his green tail if you look close. Seems he is rather camera shy.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Jan 29, 2007

I have been so busy working on hat's and dishcloths I've neglected to post anything for the past week. Shame on me. I promised myself I would at least post twice a week when I started the blog. So here's what I've been doing or I should say trying to do in between interruptions.

Of course I had other crafty or should I say 'mom' things to do too. I replaced a zipper in a neighbors coat. Done some pocket repair too, since I had the seams open to put the zipper in I reattached his pockets. It was a carhart jacket and the sides of the pockets on both sides was shredded because of shoving tools in. I made sure to add extra strength to it this time. Since I've not heard from him, I am guessing I must have done what he wanted.
I no more than got that jacket done than the oldest, Ben, came with his carhart jacket asking for me to replace the zipper on it. Sure mom can do that. Just run and get me a zipper and I'll hop right back on the sewing machine. Well it still doesn't have a zipper but that isn't his fault, nor mine. I ended up ordering it online. The jacket uses a 31 inch zipper and no one has one in store. Thank You Joann's online ordering. Of course that gave me a good excuse to grab a few other things too. Why waste free shipping. LOL.
I still have a pair of Andy's jeans on the shelf to sew up the crotch in since I supposedly didn't do it right the first time. Funny when I replaced that zipper and took in the waistband, moved belt loops and oh so carefully made sure every stitch looked just right so no one would notice, it lasted almost a year. Hummm I would be more inclined to think that someones wearing the pants low on the hips instead of my stitching caused the rupture of stitching.
One of these mornings I need to grab my needles and thread and set on his bed and repair some star applications on his quilt too. I made him a confederate flag quilt last year. I made it to last him a while. 108 x 98. It was an experience. He takes it with when he goes to Grammy's for deer season. They end up on the floor and she always shakes her head and asks why I made it sooooo big. He always answers "Because I'm a big boy Gramma." Hopefully his wife (the poor thing, whoever she may be) will enjoy a bit of redneck warmth.

The hats in the picture are for JoJo. She can choose between them. They both turned out very soft. The light pink is made with baby yarn and a skein of mohair, acrylic blend. Very soft to the touch and Oh so warm. The other had is a Lion Brand wool ease. I knitted it with a double thread of the yarn. Very thick and warm. The other pic of unfinished work is again the Lion Brand wool ease and another mohair blend. It will finish out as a headband type of ear muff for a friend. She complains I knit for all the kids up and down the neighbor hood and her ears are freezing off. Mumble mumble mumble she states, "you would think you would feel sorry for your best friend and make her something to keep her ears warm." I'll finish it today and get it too her when I pick up Cody at school.