Thursday, February 1, 2007

Feb 1,2007

We have a new hatchling. Ya that's a lot of eggs there, but I candled them a week ago and I think there are only 3 to 5 that will produce. I was not expecting that peep peep peep this morning. I was getting Cody ready for school, working on spelling words and finding shoes, we both heard it at almost the same time. I turned to look at the cages and Cody squealed "A BABY". I quickly looked and sure enough there it was. I wanted to move things around, as it looked uncomfortable, but I left it alone. We were lucky enough to catch this one very soon after hatching. It was dry, but she had not removed the shell yet. So Cody did get to see the shell after hatching. Not much to see, but for the curious, it does have the skin like you see on boiled eggs. There is no fluid to see of any sort, since that is used up by the baby as nourishment.
This is so quick after Gooseberry's hatching, I am definatly pulling the nest box as soon as they can come out. I don't want her to kill herself laying eggs. Which she will do as part of nature. I would rather she spent some time growing to a ripe old age instead.

Mom is setting on the Bamboo Dad is in middle and Aunt Lacey on the right. Goose is under mom inside the bamboo you can just see his green tail if you look close. Seems he is rather camera shy.

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