Monday, April 2, 2007

Where have I been!!!

Wow time has flown. I didn't realize it has been that long since I took time to get on here.

Just a normal busy life and not feeling the greatest has really set me back. The weather is just beautiful today and although I'd love to be outside I just have to finish a couple things before 3pm.

One being the Birthday cloth for my friend Sue. I started it last night late since I couldn't sleep and I have frogged it twice because of mistakes in the pattern. ARRRRRRGGG. Now that the 8th line is straight, and yes I tryed to just tink the line back to the 5 stitches that were wrong, but things just got loose and tacky looking. So I frogged a half done cloth back to row 7 and redid the booboo. While I was at it I tweeked it to look more even spaced too. I'll have to drop an email to the original writer of the pattern so she can correct it.
Oh and Happy Birthday Sue!!!


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