Monday, April 2, 2007

My latest scientific test.

Sounds scary if you knew me. It's not going to be anything dangerous. I promise. I have some tea and coffee stained dishcloths. A couple are new and haven't even seen the dishes and they found a coffee spill. Thank You Target.

Who me? I was sleeping right here on the back of the couch. As always.

Wasn't me!! Claims Teddy Bear. He was busy washing his belly, and looking for a dog to blame it on.

So what I've decided to do is soak them in a warm water bath with Oxyclean in it. In the past I've immediatly got the wet stain in water and washed it out. letting it lay and dry. These cloths have been washed and dryed a few times, so if it comes out great. If not I have dingy dishrags to wipe up coffee spills and I need to make sure and save a few back for show. I really loved the red and yellow one and when hubby poured yesterdays coffee on it and then left it to soak.....Well there just wasn't any way to save it. It's made with Lion Brand cotton and it has stood up very well without looseing its color. We will see what happens with the Oxyclean. I've been very careful about using any bleach in any form to try and keep them colorfast.

I'll have to post the results tomorrow with comparing pics so we can see the difference.
Now I need to get at Sue's birthday cloth before she comes home from work.


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