Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Feb 1st KAL

This is the dishcloth for the 1st of Feb in my Knit-a-long. Most did them in pink and with a 4 stitch border. I started a varigated red and white with the 1 stitch border but frogged it because the hearts didn't show up. So I did my red in a 3 stitch border. I liked the one stitch, I will have to do some that way.I like it in red and I think I'll do a few in pink too. Though the pink ones will become a little purse for the neighbor girls. I have some lavender that would make a nice purse too. I'll post pictures of those later. I need to get out to the store and pick up some odds and ends for the fridge since it seems to be empty. Wonder where all that food I bought last Thursday went. Kind of like the Washer eating the socks, my fridge eats the food.


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