Saturday, February 10, 2007

No I do not have a lot of pink ~o~

I was staring at JoJo's name and thinking about her shrug. I've promised her a shrug for 3 months now. I have the yarn but cannot seem to find a pattern I like. I want more to the front of it than most flat patterns show and I don't want a balero. I want a collar on it. That's all. I would rather not have to piece work this and I really don't want to pick up stitches to do it.

??What do I want?? I don't know.

But while grabbing the yarn for it I was amazed at the amounts of pink I have. These are just what is in my current bags. When I dive into the stash it's hard telling how many pinks there are. I have purple too, just not quite as much.

Guess I have to admit.......I like Pink.~`~


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