Monday, February 12, 2007

Even I don't believe this!

You have just got to see it to believe it.
That's right there is a new baby. UNBELIEVABLE. They were born on the 1st, the 5th and this last one I figure was born late Friday or early Saturday morning.
We had checked the babies and taken pictures Friday morning before school. So the new one had to have hatched after that. Since it is twice the size of the eggs and compared to other pics of daily growth, I figure it to be 48 hrs old. Since this was discovered and taken late last night, that makes the baby three days old now.
I am still amazed and shaking my head. I candled and figured 3 maybe 5. We had one that died while piping, so that leaves one more possible. I won't check until tomorrow but do I dare think that another may hatch? What about the other 4 eggs? Could I have been wrong about them too? Is Lucy playing games with me and only setting a few choice eggs at a time? If that is the case, She may have babies from a month old to days old in the nest at the same time.

With all this happening The Goose has turned up missing. We have looked and looked but not deeply into closets, drawers and such. Short of buying an endoscope we have no evidence of foul play. HaHa. I really think if someone decided to chomp on him we would have feather evidence somewhere. None. Nada. Nothing. Not a peep from the rest of the gang and no one is looking guilty when I ask who ate Gooseberry. Normally if any of them did something wrong I get the head hanging I'm guilty, sulking away. I get nothing from anyone. No one is pointing paws or even whiskers.

Well The Goose liked to fly so perhaps he has flown his feathery little butt into some trouble he couldn't get out of. I'll just keep an ear open for a day or two more before I really give up on him.


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