Saturday, February 10, 2007

Feb 10,2007

Here's the purse I have been working on for the girls. Using the dishcloth pattern from the KAL I added extra border and knit two cloths across for 2 repeats.
Bound off one cloth and extra border to make the flap for the top.

I run the pattern backwards to make the hearts set the right way and now I need to sew up the seams. Make an Icord, maybe 2. I'm not sure what I want to do the the flap yet.

A button? Hmmm no. I could do velcro or a zipper and just make the flap decor. It wouldn't take much to keep the flap in place. I made the purse with cotton and the flap long enough the weight keeps it in place.
I think I'll have to wait till it's sewn up and see what my brain comes up with. I'm liking the velcro keeping the top shut so valuable little girl things don't get lost. Barbie shoes and found change are valuable you know.


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