Monday, January 8, 2007

December 19, 2006

I just dropped off the edge of the world there for a few days I guess. That 13 days flew. The pic is of the sunset in Colorado looking at Mt. Princeton from our camping spot. Great vacation. Need to go back. SOON!
Well in the past week and a half quite a bit has happened and yet it seems to be nothing. I just wasn't feeling good. Didn't think much of it. No energy,

sleepy, sleepy, sleepy. Though it was my diabetes. Well that didn't help that I wasn't eating proper, but really I wasn't eating that wrong. Just not on schedule. Soooo to make a long story short. I woke up Friday with a scratchy throat. By the afternoon when I needed to pick up WildBill at school I was feeling pretty bad. By 10:00 that night I was ready to go to the hospital. Tonsillitis. That's what they picked to call it. Didn't test for strep. Why waste the time and money, you are getting an antibiotic strong enough to cover it, so lets get you home. Fine with me. Oh and here's a "narcotic" for the pain. Could I have a hammer instead?
I have had 'tonsillitis' since I could walk. Most times I get sick to my stomach, which clues me in to it before I get too bad. But this one hit me without any warnings. I had no runny nose, no cough, no fever, nothing. And if you looked in my throat you seen nothing. No swelling, no white spots, nothing. All the swelling was in the lymph nodes and the outside. I thought I had mumps and that was why I hurt so bad. I swelled so bad I couldn't swallow or move my jaws. Blessing for those of the household who pray for my silence.
Friday night at some point in my sleep of the wee morning hours I bit my tongue. Bad. That woke me up fast. I must grind my teeth in my sleep or something, I sure don't know why else I would chomp down that hard on my own tongue. My cheeks suffered an assault too. I felt better finally yesterday, but things are still sore to swallow and my throat has stopped bleeding at least. That was the weird thing. When I got up Saturday morning I wanted to look at my tongue and see the damage. Seeing dryed blood, I thought it was from the bite. Hardly. After drooling most of the mouth washing I did to better see the damage, I found my bite was tender but not the culprit and source of the blood. That was from my throat. Whether something had abscess and opened or not I don't know, but on Sunday if I talked more than grunts and through my teeth I would start it bleeding again. That was a good sympathy getter, but I don't recommend it. The kids would settle right down and be good. All I had to do was whisper 'my throat is bleeding from yelling at you.' or "you are going to make my throat bleed" "stop it"
Actually the two older boys were very quick to stop and ask if I needed anything every time they went by. And WildBill, who probably carried it home to me, they had strep in the classroom, was wise to keep his distance and he checked before eating or drinking anything. "Have you touched this?" "Did you breath on this?" Gee thanks. Treat me like the plague.
So I am on the mend and trying to catch up. For those who Knit or crochet this is how sick I was. I didn't touch yarn for almost 3 days. Not at all Friday and Saturday and not until around 9 Sunday night. Now that is sick! I spent days in the chair feet up and wrapped in a blanket with pillows to lean on. A perfect position to knit or crochet for hours with the excuse to stay there. Nope didn't even think about it. What a waste of time. I sure hope the cats don't get strep. They were not afraid of taking advantage of mom, a blanket, and some quality nap time. Even the dogs found a spot and TeddyBear let them stay.

I found my camera in my hubby's truck yesterday and I was able to get a pic of the baby keet. I refer to it/him/her as The Cricket. She is getting quite big and her little fuzzy feathers and starting to come in. I think it's a she because she is always peeping, and peeping. Gripes about food, moms not there, moms in the way. Who knows. I feel sorry for Bananas the dad, cause he is trying to nap at night, head all tucked and the Cricket starts. Peep, peep, peep, peep, PEEP. He goes to the hole. Discusses it with Lucy and either goes back to his perch or to the food bowl. I did notice Sunday night about 10 that Lucy came out and stayed out for quite a while. I think she is practicing that 'let them Peep themselves to sleep method.'
She definitely has been staying out more yesterday and this morning. So perhaps The Cricket has moved into a stage comparable to a 3 or 4 month old. Not needing constant care, and starting to sit up and roll over to get where it needs. LOL


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