Monday, January 8, 2007

December 06, 2006

Well Here I am. I don't feel different. Should I? Don't think so. I'm in a mellow mood. Not much to rant about today. Sick Kid driving me up the wall, but that's normal. Being sick just means he's a bit slower to wreck the living room.
Living room. Now who thought up that name. I live in all of my home. Family Room. That's even worse. A room for Family only? Now Den is a real room. That's where the old Bear goes to hibernate. You can tell he's hibernating by the rumble. I live in my house. I never want anyone to be afraid to come to my house and be themselves. Sit down, let your hair down, put your feet up and feel at home. If you want something the fridge is in the kitchen just like at home. Just offer to bring me one too. And for Goodness sakes treat your kids just like home. Don't go getting over NO, NO, NO, around me. If they do it at home, don't expect them to not do it here. If it is really against my wants I'll tell you. I like kids being kids, I'm a kid too. I refuse to be an adult unless it is absolutely neccessary.
If something breaks. Handle it. I am. Offer to pick it up, replace it and say sorry. I have kids too. Anything of great value is not out in my house. I'm in the real world. Never would I put a piece of material above my child, my friend or anyone or especially an animal. I was raised in a world that was extreme. Not my cup of Tea.
Besides you never know when a live moment may break out right there in front of you. We are a spontanious family. Friends tell me I should write a book. I would have to list it as a fiction, because no one would believe the stuff that happens around here.
You see I live with 4 males. My husband. My first born at 22. My second born of 19, and my opps and last ditch effort to get a girl the 8yr old. So when someone needs something they come to Me and ask where it is. The conversation goes like this. "Mom, where is my _____? "I have no idea, look for it." "I did." "Well where did you have it last?" "I didn't. I gave it to you." "?" Ok now is where we go though the moments of when the object was in his possession. Sure enough right where he left it. Or should I say "I" left it. Since I had it last.
3:00 pm. 22 yr old is home and raiding the fridge. Not much in there, but he found something. Poor baby works so hard all day long. He's a 4th yr plumbing apprentice. He actually has 5 yrs working but only 4 are counted since he had to wait a year to apply for union based school. He works for the same company as his Dad. That why its so hard. Has to keep up the image you know. The foremen will tell Dad if he slacks off. Then everyone hears about it. It's getting better though. Dad brags more often now than he complains.
So now my real day starts. The dog came out of hiding and a cat is looking for a lap. The sick one has homework to do just in case he's well enough to go to school tomorrow. He spent most of the day on the couch so I think that's a sign he's ready. Of course He'll surely relapse if I say homework.
Homework: Teachers way of punishing parents for having to put up with their kids all day.
Thank God my sons teacher has a sense of humor. When I said that out of anger one night, he made sure to tell her the next morning.
Until the next time.

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