Monday, January 15, 2007

Jan 15th,2007

Definately on the soap box this morning. Get a load of this newspaper article.

Now when is somebody going to step up and scream discrimination. Where are
all the immigrants from other countrys? Surely there are many out there. Oh that's right they .........I won't say it. I will not say it. I will not say it. I will not say it. I will not say it. I will not say it.

Well I just won't. It would be my luck that someone might actually be reading this. Developing Turettes...............Ffofffffffolllllloooooooow. They follow rules.

There I said it. Might as well say it all. So would we be able to go into Mexico and hand over our currency to buy things there? NO.

So now that some big Pizza company, who the paper keeps hidden. Ya like we don't know who it is. So how long till they decide that Illinois, California and the other states that have high populations will give in and accept pesos.
Let me state it perfectly clear.
I don't like Illinois Gov. BlowHardSonOfAB-itch. I don't care what political affiliation he is. He sides with the Hispanic in Chicago and that is where his voteing support comes from. The great Kids Health care system, the changes in the public school health requirements, All the free/pay clinics that are turning there backs on people who don't speak hispanic, because they are way overloaded with Hispanics with their pockets turned inside out, while Hubby, sits in the Escalade double parked outside. Oh sure she can show her hubbies paycheck but the last name doesn't match the kid or her. So stupidly our system says "Mama has no income" Papa doesn't pay child support. It's true, Mama didn't lie. He doesn't. He supports his family. Well even.

If you don't quite get it, here's a quick lesson. Papa marries Mama. She keeps her last name to carry on family pedigree. When babies are born they don't get Papa's last name, they get Paternal Grammies Last Name. Pedigree remember. Gramma kept the last name of her Gramma on her Papa's side. Confussed. Don't be It's simple. If they want to be A True American they will all have the same Last name. If they are cheating the system and want to get life for free you will notice no one in the house will have the same last name.

I have sat in Well Baby Clinics given by the county, in a few counties, in Illinois. I have always paid for the shots because I didn't have food stamps or welfare papers to show I should get them for free. Stupid me didn't think to borrow them from a neighbor like everyone else does.
Why did I do this? Because they system was put there to help ALL Illinoisians. Not just some. It was the system before This great Health system. You pay $5 a shot. They are given by nurses who know what they are doing. It was a great system. You got the same care and respect you would get at your Doctors office. You just went on Weds to the local School or Church on the 3rd week of the month. Or what ever date was set. You came first come first serve. Most Doctors recommended it to people who's insurance didn't pay for shots.
The first time my insurance payed for shots was when my older boys were in High School. They were so used to going to clinic they asked where we were going. They thought the Dr. office didn't give shots. LOL
Now that great clinic is turning people away because they can't serve all the people. They not only give shots they have to see people for other illnesses too.

I'm not saying the system is the wrong thing. It's just set up wrong? I don't know. I just see that it isn't working properly here where I am.
Guess they should accept pesos.