Friday, January 19, 2007

January 19,2007

The Goose is a rooster. We are convinced without a doubt. His nose is turning a purple/blue. The body shape is more upright, trimming to the tail. He follows his dad around mimicking every move.
Just what I need two cocky roosters ruling the cages and the immediate area. No one gets away with anything inside or outside within their eyesight.

When the sun rises they do too. And they are quite happy to tell you about it too. It only bothers hubby and oldest son on the weekends. During the week my middle son sleeps late into the morning because he works a late shift. At least 3 times a week I will hear him grumbling at the birds about sleeping. I'm just glad he doesn't crow.
He enjoys the birds, but he misses his "Patchy". Patch was a Quaker parakeet. Talked up a storm, Sometimes to the rest of the world who never knew it. I would hear him chatting away and wondering who was talking, only to find Patch watching people going by out the window. He just had to put his 2 cents in. Sometimes all you heard was his swearing, in patchy language, thank goodness he had forgotten the bad words he was taught before he got him. We curbed his attitude by allowing him to mumble waa, waa, waa. Sometimes he would climb to your shoulder and psst psst psst in your ear telling you a secret about the person he was upset about.

I think Patchy would enjoy hanging out with Bananas and The Goose. I know we enjoyed having Patch around.


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