Monday, January 15, 2007

The Birds.

This is Gooseberrry. Our little baby a couple posts ago.
Isn't he handsome. I'm pretty sure at this point it is a male.
He has figured out how to fly and finds it quite fun. He and his dad will flit out and back, around the room a couple times. Hang out with the teils. Harass mom and aunt Lacy. Go adventuring to the ceiling fans, peek down the hall. Go everywhere but back in the cage. Goose spent the night out with the Teils last night as I just could not get hold of him safely to get him back to bed.

None the worse for the night away from momma Lucy, he seems quite independent this morning. Kind of like that teenager with the new drivers license. We might need to pull his spark plugs.

Here he is visiting the Teils.

The Teils. Gobbles (in back) and Ducky, aka Peanutbutt.

Peanut in a good mood.

Mom Lucy on post and Aunty Lacy on bamboo

Lucy and Bananas

A bird on his finger makes him a Happy Boy.

The Goose and Father Bananas
What handsome boys they are.
Oh I suppose you wonder why the strange names. Well when Lucy and Lacy came home, we thought that Lacy was a boy and we named her Dezi. Then her nose bridge color came in. So she became Lacy. Why not Ethel? Ask the 8 yr old. Any way we found 2 males, we were sure this time. Bananas was such a pretty pure yellow that he just became bananas due to his actions and color. His cage mate, Crazy Quilt was just that. He was a harlequin coloring, every shade of blue green and yellow you could think of. In his crazy antics we think he fell and broke his neck.

Now the reason we named The Goose, Gooseberry is because we wanted to stay with fruit names and Kiwi, Quince and others just didn't fit.

Someday I'll get pics of Lacy, aka Bat woman, and show how she gets around. She hangs upside down 90% of the time.

PS Lucy and Bananas have 3 eggs in the box now. They hatched 3 of the 4 eggs from The Gooses nesting. We had 3 live babies for 2 days. Not sure what happened there. Hopefully Dad and Mom are more experienced now and will do better this nesting.

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